Modern homes come equipped with a lot of structural advancements- from open floors to giant windows allowing you to enjoy the noon sun on a chilly afternoon! While big windows and sunlight flooding in sounds like a page right from the romance novels, it is indeed an irritated sigh if you have nosy neighbours and petty thieves on the loose! A lot of homeowners resort to curtains and drape to keep their home secure and their affairs private! But here’s the deal, curtains and drapes in Melbourne can never give you the best of both! You either have to choose heavy drapes and privacy or interior aesthetics! But, what if we told you, we have something better than curtains and drapes- something that ticks all your security, privacy, and home aesthetics checkboxes right!

We are talking about industry-accredited, premium-quality aluminium plantation shutters from Melbourne and we’ll tell you what makes these shutters so perfect for the contemporary homes out here!

  • Value for worth- Style and durability remain our top-most priority which means every penny spent on these shutters will be a reward for the future! Add a zero to low-maintenance bills to that! 
  • An ambience that speaks for itself- Make your room stand out with shutters that can adjust to lighting exposure correctly without giving up your security! 
  • Choices that’ll spoil you- From colours that match your walls to colours that reflect opulence and elegance, just like your furniture, aluminium plantation shutters in our Melbourne showroom has a little something for anyone and everyone. 
  • Keeping it versatile- When you’re craving some natural sunlight in the room, you can simply pull these shutters up in a neat pile. When you want to make the most of your privacy, you just pull them down and get iron-clad privacy and security from gawking neighbours!

Aluminium plantation shutters does sound like the whole package, doesn’t it? If you’re rethinking your interior decor plans, we suggest giving our digital catalogue a try! Let us wow you with our limitless collection!