Walk into any shop in Melbourne and you’d be blown by the different types of window curtains, drapes, shutters, and blinds you’ll find! One can almost say, you’ll be spoilt for choices! Blinds and curtains in Melbourne are considered a one-time investment; an affordable yet efficient way to spruce up the home interior. The best part? Your shutters and blinds are super low maintenance which means cleaning them will be a breeze!

Now, if you’re the kind who prefers contemporary-chic shutters and effortless blinds over heavy drapes and curtains, you must know, not every shutter or blind type will be the best for your home! Taking into consideration everything from price to maintenance, here are 4 blind types that we want our shutter or blind shoppers to know (you know, so that they can make the right call).

Venetian Blinds

A traditional blind style that delicately balances the classic-contemporary look of your room- Venetian blinds are most probably your mother’s #1 choice of window protectors! However, if you think Venetian blinds are old and dull, you’re wrong! Modern day Venetian blinds come with an unconventional look that fits in your home décor style and yet stands out because of its eccentric outlook! Want ample privacy and ventilation at the same time? These thick blinds can give you the best of both.

Roller Blinds

This is one of the most popular options for shutters and blinds in Melbourne. If you’regoing for cost-effectiveness and aesthetics at the same time, nothing fits your requirement better than roller blinds! Being as wide as your window glass is, these blinds usually gel in with your room décor quite well. Being minimalist in outlook, not only will they give your windows a brand new look, but can also be a good fit if you have vibrant wall accents or walls filled with décors!

Roman Blinds

Want a touch of deluxe to your room? Want your window blinds to fit your luxurious room ambience like a puzzle piece? Roman blinds are the one for you! Being fabric blinds, these come in all types of colour and fabrics! Like sunlight flooding into your room? Go for lightweight fabrics with white-based accents! Like your room cool during the raging summers? Try a heavy fabric with darker tones and you’ll be all set!

Cellular Blinds

Also known as honeycomb blinds, these blinds are quite possibly topping the blind charts in 2020! Energy-efficient and affordable at the same time, cellular blinds have a touch of elegance laced in superb functionality which is primarily why homeowners prefer these blinds! Based on the number of honeycomb layers you choose you can customize the lighting and ventilation of these blind types!

Window Blinds That Speak for Themselves

Now before you choose any of these blind types, remember the décor style or aura of your room is an important factor in the choosing! Depending on how you want your room to look (including the amount of natural lighting you prefer), you can visit our KashBlind warehouse or check out some of the blind options we have for you digitally. Need some more assistance in choosing the right blind? Our customer reps are always there to help!