Walk into any store for curtains in Melbourne and you’ll be greeted with a wide variety, ranging from drapes and shutters to roller blinds and laces! One of the budget ways to class up any room is to pair your windows with some cutting-edge window covers and if we’re talking latest trends, sheer curtains are the way to go!

At our shutter, blinds, and curtain store in Melbourne, we’ve noticed a surge in the requirement of lace and sheer curtains and Kashblinds being one of the leading stores in Melbourne has come up with a full-proof curtain care plan so that if you’re thinking sheer curtains, you can get your value’s worth with curtains that look new and stay new!

Here’s what you need to know-

  • Determine the type of wash needed based on the curtain quality! For example, sheer curtains can be machine-washed, but make sure you don’t bleach it or tumble-dry it. If we’re talking light-weight, delicate sheer curtains with lacework on the side, hand-wash would be the best way to go about it! Start with a simple soak using a no-chemical based detergent and then carefully use your hands to clean them.
  • If your sheer drapes have been hanging for quite a while, it’s always better to soft vacuum it first before taking them down for a wash! Most times, you’ll notice how a feather duster or a soft vacuum can do wonders to your curtain! Chances are you don’t even have to take them down for a wash.
  • The best way to dry your curtains is to air dry it and our experts say put them back on the curtain rod and let the natural sunlight flooding in do the rest of the job for you. Don’t use heaters on sheer curtains since these fabrics are quite delicate. You may end up damaging the fabric or worse, shrinking the curtain length.

The DO-NOTs: Curtain Care 101

  • Do not machine-wash a “dry-clean” only curtain. Always check the tag
  • Never wash your sheer curtains in hot/warm water. Always use cold water to avoid shrinking problems
  • If you’re dealing with cotton or linens, you can soak them in liquid starch for better form.

The KashBlind Experience

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