We all know curtains and blinds- each has an appeal of its own. While curtains add a grand appeal to the aura and ambience of the room, blinds add a ‘minimalist-chic yet elegantly-organized’ vibe to the interior decor. Now, if you’re wondering, whether you can reap the best of both the styles and pair your curtains and blinds together- in 90% of the cases, our answer will be yes! However, there are some basic DOs and DONT’s that we want you to know if you’re thinking of pairing your chic curtains with your outdoor roller blinds from Epping.

Blinds over Curtains

Instead of first choosing the curtains, go for the blinds. Not only will you get a better idea of the window frame, but also get a proper inspiration for your curtain based on the blind style. You can either go for our outdoor roller blinds from Epping or try out some of our latest Venetian blinds for your window frame.

check-in with the rod colour

This is quite a minute but significant part of choosing the right curtain or blind. If your curtains or blinds match your rod colour- your window will transform itself. In fact, matching accessories are actually important if you’re going in for an elegant approach.

Prints over prints are a big NO-NO

Don’t crowd your windows with prints overprints. Instead, it’s always better to layer your blinds with a solid, monotone colour while the curtains can have a beautiful print to accentuate the monotone behind it.

Higher and Wider Instantly

Now the best part about pairing these two is that you can change the perception of your window length or breadth using some high curtains and wide blinds. curtains and blinds installation services in Melbourne would gladly oblige with your request but before you go in for the installation- do remember- you have to brainstorm the higher and wider aspect with your service providers.

Want more tit-bits on pairing curtains and blinds? Want an expert’s eye view when you’re choosing your window accessories? We are here to help!