Nothing feels as good as redoing your home interiors! Imagine changing the look, feel and aesthetics of your room using nothing but a change of curtains! We are talking replacing the old drab curtains with a fresh new roller blind! One of the most effortlessly chic upgrades that can actually transform the way your room looks!

Now blinds and shutters are one of the best ways to make sure your room gets ample sunlight while creating a vibrant ambience indoor which is why our online destination for premium blinds and shutters in Australia gets a lot of purchase queries throughout the year! While most people ask about cost-efficiency and installation, we’ve had a lot of people ask about maintenance and care, and that’s what we will address today!

Truth be told, blinds and shutters are more effortless and low-maintenance when compared to curtains. However, keeping them spotless and looking as good as new comes with a few set rules and we are about to let you in on this secret!


What’s the best way to get rid of dirt build-up in your roller blinds or shutters? Dive deep into the crevice of your shutters and blinds with an old, used toothbrush and get down to scrubbing! The bristles in your toothbrush will reach every nook and cranny, every fold and hold and soon enough you’ll be driving dust, mould and germs away from your window protectors.

Microfiber Cloth

Why not regular wash clothes, you ask? Because you would want to cover maximum area with minimum effort and still do a stellar job while you’re at it! Microfiber cloths can collect dust, dry or moistened and the best part is, the width of a microfiber cloth is less than a fifth of a human hair!

Dust Spray

If you don’t want to physically get down to scrubbing, our experts often recommend using a dust spray that does a brilliant job in keeping your shutters clean. At the same time, dust sprays usually come with a mild, natural fragrance which means your room will be smelling quite good while you clean your window shutters.

Vacuum Cleaner

The classic choice all our mothers swore by- the vacuum cleaner is yet another effortless way of vacuuming dust build-up from your shutters and roller blinds. However, for safety and efficiency purposes, our experts recommend using a hand-held vacuum to get better cleaning angles and productive results rather than lugging the big one around!

Don’t you think roller blinds and shutters are easier to maintain than prying off the curtains, washing and drying them and putting them back on? We feel the same too, and that’s why our A-grade roller blinds in Melbourne are a must try, especially if you’re planning interior upgrades on a budget!